XJ Sports package

Through years of ‘on track’ race development, XJRestorations Ltd offer their Sports Package for the road. Consisting of: 

This package has been fitted to the car captured below, and tested by renowned Jaguar journalist, author and historian, Jim Patten. 

Writing for Jaguar World Magazine of the package in August 2014 issue;

‘It would be wrong to say that the car has been transformed, as that would be to deride Knight’s original concept. But what this conversion has done is to make it more acceptable to the 21st century…………..’

‘….Turn in is sharp and as we climb through a graceful series of bends, any sign of excessive roll has gone, replaced instead by a subtle movement cunningly controlled, the experience telling more about the chosen spring rates than anything mere words could explain. I’m enjoying the moment, and relishing the return run….’

Supply only - £1100 + VAT
Supply and fit - £1950 + VAT