Case Study 1

Bought in California when it was barely a year old, Sir Patrick Stewart has an unbreakable bond with his XJS Convertible. Having personally covered approx 80,000 miles in the car throughout the Americas, Sir Patrick brought the car back to the UK when he returned in 2004. Largely in storage ever since, XjRestorations have been honored with the recommissioning and restoration of this prized vehicle.


Case Study 2

Bought by the current owner in 1984, and used just once, this XJ12 C proved to be the penultimate V12 Coupe built, and the last ever sold.

The last car from the production line is part of Jaguars own collection.
The car is being fully stripped and restored from the ground up.

Case Study 3

Totally unique, this is the only series 1 XJ Estate car ever built. Conversion carried out in 1972, the car has sat unloved for around 30 years.

Rescued from Banger racers in 2014, the car requires major restoration.


Case Study 4

Bought as in investment for the client, this very early flat floor E-type roadster was bought following a promising pre purchase report by an independent Vehicle inspector.

Sadly, the condition of the vehicle was not as suggested in the report.

A full bare shell restoration has followed to bring this iconic vehicle up to concourse standards.

Case Study 5

A genuine low mileage and low previous owner car, this XJ12C has been systematically overhauled and improved upon to become one of the finest XJ12C’s in the UK.

A restoration of both the body and the mechanics – to include uprated suspension components, this car has featured in both Jaguar World magazine, and Jaguar Enthusiasts Club magazine.

Xj Restorations - Case Study 4

Case Study 6

Very original S1.5 E-type for full engine and gearbox overhaul and freshen up. All work bar machining, carried out in house.

Case Study 7

It is reported that Avon built just 4 Daimler D6 Convertibles – this is the second of those cars that XjRestorations have restored. Sat for over 20 years following the untimely death of the owner, this car was found to be in far better structural condition than the white car we previously restored.

A full mechanical rebuild, along with a complete repaint and retrim was required, prior to Jaguar Enthusiast Club and Jaguar World magazine features.

Xj Restorations - Case Study 7

Case Study 8

MWK 28G is chassis number 19 and the oldest surviving XJ6 – and the first ever road registered car. This car carried out much of the pre production testing throughout Europe, and was a regular motoring press feature car. 

XjRestorations has had a long association with this car, carrying out a sympathetic restoration whilst maintaining the irreplaceable patina of this important car.