Meet the Team
Keith Parrington - XjRestorations

Keith Parrington

Upon leaving school, Keith served his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Mr John Castell at CMC motor engineering, Uckfield, East Sussex. The focus was on the restoration of E-Types and MK2's, and the service and repair of XJ models. It was here that Keith first carried out work on MWK 28G - chassis number 19 of the XJ range - the oldest surviving XJ, with incredible history.  Keith still maintains this car today for the current owner.

At the age of 20, Keith set up in business with his father supplying XJ parts worldwide under the name XjJaguar Ltd. With restoration still very much part of everyday life, the work carried out on his own 2.8ltr Daimler brought the attention of prospective customers. The workshop soon filled with restoration work.

In 2006, XjJaguar Ltd set up XjRestorations – the restoration division, specialising in the restoration of XJ models. As the reputation grew, the work expanded to all Jaguar models, including modern service and repair work. By 2009, the company had outgrown its 1000sq ft farm based premises, separated away from XjJaguar Ltd before moving to a new 2000sq ft development in Eastbourne.

Maintaining the company reputation is always at the forefront of seeking new staff and building the XjRestorations team. By 2014, the small-dedicated team had once more outgrown its 2000sq ft home and relocated to the 4000sq ft premises currently occupied in Eastbourne.

Keith is an active member of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, running the dedicated XJ Series forums for the club since 2006, and has been the paint and bodywork coordinator for the club since 2010.

Pippa - XjRestorations


Pippa joined XjRestorations in 2010, taking charge of the office administration – and running of the company. In charge of all accounts and client case files, Pippa’s knowledge of the company and it’s inner workings are unrivalled – and a vital part of our continued success.

Pippa is your first point of contact upon calling the company, and is happy to assist with any enquiry.

Tony - XjRestorations


Our senior engineer with a long a successful career in Jaguar race development, Tony heads up our race support team.

A superb engine builder and chassis engineer, Tony has worked with some of the best known race teams on the track today, building the cars up to front running specification.  Every component is meticulously assembled to produce a perfectly engineered, reliable unit – be it a race gearbox – or a road engine.

Formerly employed by both Nigel Webb and CKL Developments, Tony brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Neil - XjRestorations


Barry joins us following a lengthy career with Sussex based CKL Developments. Here, Barry was responsible for some of the worlds greatest historic race cars. Genuine C/D-types, Lightweight E-types, Lister Knobbly's, as well as a host of exotic 50's/60's race machinery from all over the world.
A first class engineer and fabricator, Barry has a meticulous approach to all things mechanical. His fastidious attention to detail is applied to all that he does, from race set up to concourse restoration.

Neil - XjRestorations


A recent addition to the team, Neil comes to us with 10 years fabrication and engineering experience. A highly talented welder/fabricator, taking charge of the body restorations carried out on site.

As well as sheet metal work, Neil engineers small components that are no longer available, and the required components for custom modified vehicles.

Aimee - XjRestorations


The youngest member of our team, Aimee is now entering her final year of bodyshop training. A naturally gifted trainee is hard to find, but Aimee excels in her understanding of modern bodyshop techniques, and is rapidly learning the skills of the classic trade required to fabricate and refine the historic vehicles that frequent XjRestorations.

Phil Parrington - the co-founder of XjRestorations.

Phil and Keith started trading as XjJaguar Ltd in 2001 - specialising in the supply of new and used XJ based Jaguar parts worldwide.

In 2006, the pair formed XjRestorations as a side company to the parts supply. Demand for restoration work rapidly grew. By 2008, a back injury proved too much for Phil to be able to continue in the workshop environment. A lengthy series of operations resulted in his physical health being restored in 2015. He was gradually able to return to the workshop. Throughout his physical battles, Phil played an integral part behind the scenes in building the company to what it is today.

In March 2016, he was sadly taken from us. He will continue to play an integral part in all that company does going forward.